The Takodachi have gone missing. Help Ina and AO-chan find them!

WASD - Move Ina
Mouse - Aim AO-chan
Left Mouse Button - Shoot (Hold for auto fire) / Advance textboxes
Right Mouse Button - Speeds up textbox text.
Spacebar - Advance textboxes
Escape - Pause (Only during gameplay)

Basic Mechanics:
Shoot to defeat enemies and gain points.
Collect Dr.Oopsie for +1 Health.
AO-chan can block bullets but enemies will pass through him.
Save as many Takodachi as you can.

BGMs -
Cold Heart, Feather of the Angel, In A Dream, Sleepy Snow Flakes, Sunrise, Underscout Area02, 爆睡, アクション・カムバック.

Special Thanks: Poxuz

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Fangame, hololive, ina, inanis, Singleplayer, stg, Unity

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I saved 32 takodachis in second playtrough but nothing special happened why


Nice sounds and graphics!

Reminds me of old vertical scrolling shooters with the powerups and stuff.

Got two crashes on the Web version, both after I died once at level 2. Not sure if it's related to the bug. Haven't tried the stand alone version.

Improvement suggestions:

  • Allow to shoot by keeping pressed the attack button, instead of having to click like a madman.

  • Allow to skip intro by keeping pressed spacebar or left mouse button. It's OK once or twice, but it's a bit annoying when restarting the game a lot of times.

  • Add a volume control setting, maybe in the pause screen.

Good job!